And so it begins…

The inaugural meeting of the London Whisky Club took place in Jez Bhatt’s offices at Putney Bridge on Wednesday 23rd May 2018. Attendees were Jez Bhatti, Jason Vaswani, James Hope and Michael Hay.

The four of us had all been regular participants in Roy Duff / Aqvavitae’s YouTube live stream chats, and on one chat Jez and Jason suggested having a meetup for anyone that was based in London. The four of us were willing and available. After only minutes into our meeting this night we were talking about making it an official London Whisky Club and the four founding members discussed plans. Not only that but we enjoyed some mighty tasty whisky that night too. We all brought a couple of bottles each. No particular theme. See below for the list from that first historic night.

  • Glendalough 13 Mizunara Cask
  • Johnnie Walker Green
  • Ledaig 13 Amontillado Cask
  • Macallan Edition No.2
  • Kilchoman Machir Bay
  • Smokin’
  • Octomore Black Art Concept OBA/C_0.1 59.7%

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