Christmas Social

In December, instead of having a regular meetup of the London Whisky Club, we decided to have our Christmas night out and visit a couple of whisky bars around London.

First stop was the extremely cool Black Rock bar near Shoreditch, which has an impressive range of interesting whiskies. Jez, Shiv, Michael and James met here and chose a dram or two each from the cabinets. They operate a sticker based system where the colour of the sticker on the bottle denotes the price. Many of the prices are quite reasonable and you can find a few gems in their collection.

Christmas whisky samples were shared between some of the members, including James sharing a sample of this year’s Teapot Dram from Glengoyne and Jez bringing out three samples for everyone, with special LWC printed labels and clues to what was inside each bottle. Extremely generous guys!

After a drink or two in Black Rock we decided to move on somewhere else. On the way out we spotted a whisky vending machine. What a fantastic idea. More of this please!

We moved further into Shoreditch and ended up in the Bull in a China Shop bar where we had a lovely bite to eat and, yep you guessed it, some more whisky. Zander and Caroline joined us here as we carried on our whisky chat.

Amongst the whiskies that were chosen and shared during this night were a very old Bell’s, the bar exclusive Smokey Monkey Shoulder and a couple of Black Friday Whisky Exchange bottlings. See the gallery below for these and some others.

A fantastic night with great whisky and even better conversation. The best way to end what has been an amazing inaugural year of whisky at the London Whisky Club. Here’s to 2019. Slainte!

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